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Want to increase productivity and efficiency? Improve your planting, spraying, or harvesting accuracy with our Integrated Solutions! Smith Tractor Co. uses an immensely trained team of Integrated Solutions Specialists to help you maximize planting yields and profits. When it comes to farming, it seems like the work is never done. We know how much blood and sweat is put into a day's work, and that is why we offer integrated solutions for farmers to increase efficiency as they work.




Smith Tractor Company has decades of industry experience to bring to bear for your benefit. Combine that with our top of the line equipment and advanced technology interface, and you will be surprised at just how much you can get done in a day's work.

Our business is built from the bottom up on the relationships that we build with our clients. When you are able to work more efficiently and enjoy the fruits of your labor, then we consider it a win. There is probably no job more important than the ones that put food on the table, so we're proud to help farmers improve their working conditions and profit.

Located across Florida and Alabama, we offer precision farming, farm IT, and software solutions to help you make the right decision on the job.


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We want to give you all the tools that you need to succeed in your job. On top of the integrated farming solutions, we also offer top of the line brands in farming equipment, including John Deere. Utility tractors, row crop tractors, combines, balers, mowers, and much more. We have both new and used options available, all in pristine condition. No matter what job you need done, we have the equipment for it.

John Deere Technology In Farming

John Deere continues to push the farming industry forward with leading innovation and technology. With their dedication to investing in research and development, it has paid off with incredible advancements. Helping make farmers more profitable and increase yields, they have made precision ag technology, allowing for more accurate fieldwork. Maximize yields with specialized equipment, and limit waste with precise spray applicators. Get technology such as AutoTrac and JDLink to allow for a hands-off operation and have tractors run fully autonomously. To learn more about John Deere's latest technology, ask the experts at Smith Tractor Company.

Advance with Precision Ag Technology

Precision Ag technology from John Deere makes you more efficient in the field and reduces operator fatigue. With fully autonomous tractors, your field can be run more hours of the day and more accurately than humans can. Cut down on overlaps, and keep the lines in your field straight. With its connectivity, you will be given more data and information on your farm's performance than ever to help you make informed decisions. 

Planning for the Future

With an estimated population of 10 billion people by the year 2050, there will be a significant increase in food needed, working on the same or less land. To properly prepare for this, planning has already begun at John Deere. With refined processes to allow for better yields, John Deere aims for better crop management by striving for the care of the individual plant rather than just the field. The use of AI will plan to achieve better monitoring and maintenance for fields day and night. Find out more of John Deere's plans for the future here. >

Technology Including AutoTrac and JDLink

Technology from John Deere includes AutoTrac and JDLink. With these tools in your belt, have your field work done faster and with less operator fatigue. AutoTrac allows your tractor to run remotely and navigate your fields alone. Reading your field layout will prevent drift and cut down on overlapping areas. JDLink is the technology that gives you access to your field data and tractor performances. Be able to see on your computer or phone where your tractor is currently located, if it needs service or fuel, and more. Utilize this technology from John Deere to optimize your hard work.

Learning How to Use John Deere Technology

With so much available, wondering where to start in learning John Deere technology? At Smith Tractor Company, our team is trained to explain and demonstrate all their offerings, making you sufficient to run it independently. For questions, tips, and tricks in running John Deere technology effectively, contact Smith Tractor Company in Alabama and Florida.

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In 1953, Wyatt (JR) Smith bought Smith Tractor Company. Smith originally purchased a Ford tractor dealership until the company took on John Deere products in January of 1987. Since then, Smith Tractor Company has proudly provided John Deere equipment and service throughout Florida & Alabama. Our customer base is built on relationships and in today’s corporate world that is a rare commodity. You will find quite a bit of inventory if you take a trip to one of our locations.


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