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Commercial Lawn Mowers

Commercial ZTrak Zero Turn Mowers

Our ZTrak 900 Series zero-turn mowers were designed with our commercial lawn mowing customers in mind.

QuikTrak Stand On Mowers

Our QuikTrak mowers deliver the best of both worlds: industry exclusive stand-on technology, combined with John Deere quality, durability, and support.

Walk Behind Mowers

Check out the 6 different models of commercial M & R Series Walk-Behind Mowers.

Front and Wide Area Mowers

Our 1500 Series Front Mowers are the most capable year-round front mount mowers we've ever made.

Commercial Mowers For Sale at Smith Tractor Company

Smith Tractor Company has John Deere commercial mowers for sale to have your business working at maximum efficiency. With multiple sizes and options available, you can customize to your needs. Front and wide area mowers are friendly for ease of use for all employees. Zero-turn mowers give you the highest output for speed, completing large fields or yards in no time. Walk-behind mowers offer increased durability, are ready for all conditions, and last year after year. With their sleek design, stand-on mowers from John Deere make work in tight areas easy. See all these commercial lawn mowers at Smith Tractor Company in southern Alabama and northwest Florida.

Commercial Lawn Mowers For Sale

Commercial lawn mowers from John Deere make golf course or yard work a breeze. Six options are available for front and wide area mowers. The John Deere 1550 features mower deck sizes of 60 or 72 inches and 25 HP. It is compatible with attachments for front blades, brooms, or snow blowers. The 1585 TerrainCut™ mower provides a comfort cab, allowing maximum comfort for the operator while completing their job. Its 16-gallon tank allows for more work to be completed in one go and comes with a 2-year warranty. Contact Smith Tractor Company to learn more about the warranties and options available for front and wide area mowers.

Zero Turn Mowers in Frisco City, Atmore, and Jay

Zero-turn mowers from John Deere have your work completed in record time. Their exceptional maneuverability and sharp turning radius allow for fast work on commercial yards. This short turning radius gives you high-quality cuts around corners or objects. The Z920M zero-turn mower has options for a mower deck of 54 and 60 inches. With a warranty of 36 months or 1200 hours, have confidence your commercial mower purchase will last through the demands you give it. Test ride the zero-turn mowers from John Deere at Smith Tractor Company.

John Deere Walk Behind Mowers Available

John Deere walk-behind mowers offer you high versatility in options. Customize to your preferences with multiple cutting deck sizes, engines, and cutting widths. The W36M has a mower deck size of 36 inches on the small end, or you can get the biggest size of the W61R with a 61-inch mower deck. The V-twin engines in the walk-behind mowers range from 14.5 to 23.5 HP. Speak with our team at Smith Tractor Company to help you narrow down your choice of a walk-behind mower.

John Deere Stand-On Mowers For Efficient Work

Stand-on mowers available from John Deere make for easy work in the field, golf course, or yard. Their compact design allows you to get between trees easily or between power boxes. With the position of the stand for the operator, their view is unobstructed, making it easy to see where they are mowing exactly. Stand-on mowers also give you easy dismounting compared to zero-turn mowers, allowing you to clear debris or rocks in front of the mower faster. Get your lawn care work completed efficiently with John Deere stand-on mowers for sale at Smith Tractor Company.

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In 1953, Wyatt (JR) Smith bought Smith Tractor Company. Smith originally purchased a Ford tractor dealership until the company took on John Deere products in January of 1987. Since then, Smith Tractor Company has proudly provided John Deere equipment and service throughout Florida & Alabama. Our customer base is built on relationships and in today’s corporate world that is a rare commodity. You will find quite a bit of inventory if you take a trip to one of our locations.


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