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3025D John Deere Compact Utility tractor towing a large metal trailer with crates on it

3 Series John Deere Tractors

Find John Deere 3 Series compact tractors for sale at Smith Tractor Company. These tractors provide the versatility and efficiency you need to handle your residential or commercial jobs. The 3 Series has nine different models with varying sizes, horsepower, features, and more. Attach the right attachments to your compact tractor to assist with jobs like mowing, digging, and snow removal. Smith Tractor Company is the trusted dealer to handle your servicing and repair needs for John Deere tractors. For more information and to learn about available financing, stop by Smith Tractor Company across Alabama and Florida today.

John Deere 3 Series Models and Specs

The John Deere 3 Series tractor models come in three different classes: The 3D, 3E, and 3R. The 3D models are the most basic and are great for smaller jobs. The 3E has additional features and an upgraded transmission for better maneuverability. The 3R is the most premium class, offering best-in-class features and an optional climate-controlled cab. See below for how each model compares. 

Model Horsepower Transmission Type Cab or Open Station
3025D 24.7 HP Gear - 8F/8R Open Station
3035D 34.7 HP Gear - 8F/8R Open Station
3043D 42.2 HP Gear - 8F/8R Open Station
3025E 24.7 HP Hydrostatic - 2 Range Open Station
3032E 31.2 HP Hydrostatic - 2 Range Open Station
3038E 37.3 HP Hydrostatic - 2 Range Open Station
3033R 32.2 HP Hydrostatic - 3 Range or PowrReverser 12F/12R Both
3039R 38.8 HP Hydrostatic - 3 Range or PowrReverser 12F/12R Both
3046R 45.3 HP Hydrostatic - 3 Range or PowrReverser 12F/12R Both

For specific 3 Series model pricing, talk to the experts at Smith Tractor Company.

John Deere 3 Series Attachments

At Smith Tractor Company, we can help you find the right attachments to accompany your John Deere 3 Series tractor. All 3 Series tractor models have a Category 1 hitch that can support many different John Deere attachments. Some of our available attachments include:

  • Frontier Rotary Cutter
  • Front Loader and Bucket
  • Frontier Rotary Tiller
  • Frontier Snow Push
  • Frontier Land Plane
  • Frontier Snow Blower
  • 370B Backhoe

Stop by Smith Tractor Company today to see which attachments would be right for you.

Compact Tractor Servicing and Repair

We recommend regular maintenance be performed on your 3 Series compact tractor to ensure it runs smoothly and prevent costly repairs down the road. Smith Tractor Company is proud to be the trusted dealer near you to handle your servicing and repair needs at an affordable price. We can take on whatever you need to be done, from regular servicing to more extensive repairs. Our technicians work quickly to reduce downtime on your jobs. We can replace any part using only John Deere OEM parts, so you can be confident the fix is being done correctly. Schedule servicing online , or give us a call today to get started.

Financing 3 Series Tractors at Smith Tractor Company

Get easy financing on your purchase of a 3 Series compact tractor at Smith Tractor Company. We can offer customized financing solutions to you based on your unique situation. Our partnership with John Deere Financial enables us to offer low-interest rates and flexible repayment plans. We're locally available to provide all the information you need on rates, loan terms, down payments, and more so you can make an informed purchase. To start, apply for financing online or call our Smith Tractor Company team today.

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In 1953, Wyatt (JR) Smith bought Smith Tractor Company. Smith originally purchased a Ford tractor dealership until the company took on John Deere products in January of 1987. Since then, Smith Tractor Company has proudly provided John Deere equipment and service throughout Florida & Alabama. Our customer base is built on relationships and in today’s corporate world that is a rare commodity. You will find quite a bit of inventory if you take a trip to one of our locations.


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