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John Deere Compact Tractors

1 Series Sub Compact Tractors

John Deere 1 series sub-compact tractors at Smith Tractor Company are the perfect choice for beginners as they are comfortable and easy to use!

2 Series Compact Tractors

Take on your home outdoor tasks with the versatile John Deere 2 series compact tractor available at Smith Tractor Company in Florida and Alabama!

3 Series Compact Tractors

The John Deere 3 Series compact tractors at Smith Tractor Company are available in a variety of models and provide excellent performance for your jobs.

4 Series Compact Tractors

Experience peak performance and maneuverability with the John Deere 4 series compact utility tractors at Smith Tractor Company in Alabama and Florida.

John Deere Compact Tractors For Sale Locally

John Deere compact tractors for sale at Smith Tractor Company will have you prepared for all situations. With sizes ranging from 1 Series to 4 Series, choose based on your farm or yard work needs. The 1025R John Deere tractor is great for lawn maintenance, tilling, landscaping, and more. Larger models like the 3 and 4 Series give you more horsepower and higher work outputs. See all the available compact tractor models from John Deere at Smith Tractor Company in Alabama and Florida.

John Deere Compact Tractors

John Deere’s compact tractors come in Series 1-4. The 3 Series ranges in horsepower from 25 to 46 and has standard 4WD on all tractors for maximum control. With many uses available, use the 3 Series John Deere compact tractors for mowing, tilling, hauling, material management, and more. Many 4 Series compact tractor models have a turbocharged diesel engine, giving you the power to do the heavy work. Financing is available on all John Deere compact tractors. Contact Smith Tractor Company at Atmore, Frisco City, or Jay to learn more.

1 Series John Deere Tractors Available

The 1 Series John Deere tractors feature the 1023E and 1025R tractors. The 1025R John Deere tractor is its standout product and continues to perform year in and year out. Its models range from 23-26 horsepower and are small enough to maneuver through most environments. The hydrostatic transmission makes operating easy, even for new users. Attachments, including augers and buckets, simplify drilling holes for a fence line and moving dirt. Test the John Deere 1025R at Smith Tractor Company to see it yourself.

2 Series John Deere Tractors in Alabama and Jay, Florida

The 2 Series John Deere tractors are available at Smith Tractor Company in Alabama and Florida. With three models, the lineup features the 2025R, 2032R, and 2038R. A mower deck can be installed on any of the 2 Series tractors and can fit sizes up to 72”. The ergonomic design of the operator seat makes for comfortable riding multiple hours of the day. The 2 Series larger frame than the 1 Series allows for better stability on uneven surfaces. Check out the 2 Series tractors from John Deere at our locations in Florida and Alabama.

Self-Repair on John Deere Compact Tractors

Self-repair is made accessible on John Deere compact tractors with their user-friendly design. OEM parts are easy to find, with manuals available to order parts as needed. Need help finding parts or knowing what needs to be repaired on your John Deere compact tractor? Our technicians are happy to assist and will provide you with the tips and tricks to keep your tractor running smoothly all season.

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In 1953, Wyatt (JR) Smith bought Smith Tractor Company. Smith originally purchased a Ford tractor dealership until the company took on John Deere products in January of 1987. Since then, Smith Tractor Company has proudly provided John Deere equipment and service throughout Florida & Alabama. Our customer base is built on relationships and in today’s corporate world that is a rare commodity. You will find quite a bit of inventory if you take a trip to one of our locations.


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